Planning for Potential Fall Instructional Needs

Greetings Cohasset Families,

In preparation for what the fall may hold for schools, the leadership team will be formulating subcommittees that will help advise and guide planning moving forward. These teams will be particularly valuable as specific guidance comes from Commissioner Riley and his School Re-entry group. Family input is paramount, and we will be seeking it through these committees and in public forums once we establish a road map for re-entry. Our existing teams, including our Safe Schools Team, Wellness Team, and Social-Emotional Learning Steering Team will be instrumental in helping to guide the social-emotional support we provide for students, families, and staff. Here is a list of the committees we will create that will advise the Leadership / Steering Team:

  • Elementary Instructional Planning: Osgood & Deer Hill
  • Secondary Instructional Planning: CMS & CHS
  • Facilities/School Operations Planning, including Safety and Social Distancing Protocols and Materials
  • Technology Planning
  • Athletics Planning
  • Before-and-After School Program Planning / Club Planning
  • Social-Emotional Planning
  1. Student Social-Emotional Support Planning
  2. Staff Social-Emotional Support Planning
  • Family Connection Planning


Patrick Sullivan, Ed.D.


Cohasset Public Schools