Cohasset Public Schools Enrichment Approach For Students

Greetings Cohasset Families,

Today we are launching the Cohasset Public Schools Enrichment / Remote Learning Resources. We are approaching enrichment in two ways...First, we have provided enrichment activities on our website. We will continue to add to these resources, which can be accessed on the Cohasset Public Schools website by clicking on the Image for Resources on the Cohasset website (prominent on District Home-page) These resources are learning opportunities, not mandatory or gradable assignments, and they represent the collaborative work of teachers and school leaders. There are also many resources included that have been generously made available by organizations such as WGBH, who have allowed free access to their learning materials. These resources are there for all to use, and completely optional for students and families.

Our second approach to enrichment is through individual educators working with their students. We are asking that staff consider their approach in three ways: Communication, Enrichment, and Support.

  • Communication: We are asking that teachers check in with their students via email, google classroom or other method, frequently. This communication could be to explain the resources they are providing or are pointing students toward (beginning of week), to check in to see if there are any questions (middle of week), and to check in to see how they did and what they learned in working with the material (end of week). Special education staff and counselors will be checking in with their students in order to support them in a similar way.


  • Enrichment: We are asking that teachers supply or point students towards enrichment activities (either on our website or other resources of the teachers' choosing). We do not want teachers to grade student products or to focus on instructional material. The material should be purely enrichment that ideally points students towards authentic / real world learning experiences...should be fun and engaging and not required...not stress inducing...and optional.


  • Support: We are asking that general education, special education teachers and counselors be responsive to student and parent emails, and that they provide support through positive and reassuring messages in their communications.


Teachers will also be sending out a “Checking in” email by the end of the day Friday to show support for the students, as we collaborate to ensure the continuity of education to the best of our ability.


We are providing Chromebooks for loan to those families who do not have a computer to access the materials. Please email Dr. Leslie Scollins, Assistant Principal, at if you need a Chromebook. We hope that you also take time for family and for wellness during the school cancellation period. Thank you for practicing social distancing and for taking care of yourself and others during this difficult time. We will get through this difficult time by working together.


Please see the link below for a video explanation of our enrichment approach:

Students, your teachers miss you and they will be there to support you.