Important Information 3/15/2020

Important Information 3/15/2020

To keep all of you informed during this health crisis. I have included some important updates below and I have also attached a PDF of this information. In addition, I have included the Community Health Update for today, Sunday, March 15, 2020. Please continue to follow social distancing recommendations and take care of each other. I will continue to update you when information changes and through the daily community update. Please see the Cohasset Public Schools Website for a posting of all the previously shared updates and resources concerning this health crisis.

Pay of Hourly Employees

We will be paying all hourly employees their regular pay during this crisis. This includes food service, bus drivers, ESP activity aides, etc.…Everyone.

What are the obligations for staff during the closure? 

Staff are expected to remain as vigilant with their duties and responsibilities to the extent possible with monitoring email communications and essential duties remotely while remaining safe. The closure period is not considered a vacation period. Teachers may grade papers, prepare for future lessons, etc.…

Building Access

Staff are being asked to only enter the building if necessary, they are being asked to let their building principal know if they will be in the building and they are being asked to follow social distancing guidelines. They have been told not come into school buildings if they are feeling ill or if they have come into contact with anyone who has been determined to have or is under watch for exposure to COVID- 19.


All internal meetings are canceled, and if needed will be rescheduled virtually. 


Special Education Meetings

All Special Education Team Meetings during this time of closure will be rescheduled upon returning to school. Special Education Staff are not in during this time so Team Meetings cannot be conducted virtually.  

  1. My child is on an IEP or 504 Plan, and I am concerned about the implications of the closure on my child’s educational progress.

Upon the conclusion of the closure, and the re-opening of the district, IEP teams will be available to convene to determine what type of impact the closure had on your child’s educational progress and make individualized team-based decisions as needed.  Please refer to the following guidance.

  1. My child is on an IEP and receives “services only” (i.e. speech/physical therapy/occupational therapy).  Will my child receive these services during the closure?

Services will not be provided during the closure, consistent with how this is handled on snow days.

Town Buildings

All town buildings are closed to the public until further notice.

School Buildings and Central Offices

The Office of the Superintendent, Office of the Director of Student Services, and Business Office, as well as all schools, are closed to the public until further notice. No students will be permitted to be in school buildings during the closing. 143tv studio, which is in the Cohasset Middle School & Cohasset High School Learning Commons, will be running programing throughout the break.

Essential Staff

Essential staff such as custodians and food service will be working in the buildings. However, we are working with them to minimize the risk of contagion. As is the case for all employees, any essential worker who is not feeling well should not come into work.

Building Principals, Central Office Administrators and Central Office Personnel

When possible, central office administrators and employees and building principals will be working virtually. 

Learning Resources

Dr. Scollins, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment is collecting learning resources for families that will be posted on our webpage. Just to emphasize, these are not required instructional materials, and there is no expectation at this time for you to instruct remotely. We are simply organizing learning resources for families that will help them work with their children. Dr. Scollins will be leading this initiative. Here is a link to the site that is under construction. We hope to have resources go live early next week.

The below link will bring you to the Cohasset Public Schools Homepage. Please then click on the Cohasset Public Schools COVID 19 Updates Image:

Are there expectations around Distance and Online Learning Expectations for Students or Teachers?

These are non-school days and so there is only an expectation of continuation of learning. District and Building Leadership will work with the Cohasset Teachers Association (CTA) to discuss ways to maintain continuity of learning throughout the time away from school.

Students should not be completing assignments that are due to be graded and teachers should not be assigning new work or expecting students to submit work to be graded.

Any learning experiences that we suggest are not mandatory and are not considered instruction. For all students K-12, there will be no assignments or additional learning provided by the district or teachers. This is being done in the interest of ensuring equity of access to remain in line with our district core values. Additionally, at this time we are not allowed to provide any digital or remote learning opportunities to replace in-person teaching during this closure, based on guidance from the MA Commissioner of Education.

Given a two-week closure, what happens with the MCAS ELA test for sophomore students?

At this time, we will not be in school during the previously scheduled MCAS window. We expect to hear more from DESE in the near future on this topic as a great many schools are in the same position.


Are there any athletic, club, or activity events happening during this period of closure?

No. All school-related events are canceled during this period.

Are Spring Sports delayed?

Yes. After much discussion, the MIAA BOD decided to delay the start of the 2020 spring season to March 30, 2020.  Respecting the fluidity of this situation, this decision will be revisited prior to March 30.

Music and Arts

Are All Town Chorus, All Town Band, and the all Art Shows cancelled?

Until further notice, all activities are cancelled.

Trips and Field Trips

Until further notice, all trips (international and domestic) and field trips have been cancelled.

Use of Facilities:

Until further notice, all contracts to use the Cohasset Public School Facilities have been cancelled.

Outside Presenters and Parent Volunteers:

Until further notice, no parent or community volunteers or outside presenters will be working in Cohasset schools.

Food Services:

We have worked with food services to continue our food service program during this crisis. We will be providing “Grab and Go” breakfast and brown bag lunches, which can be picked up at the back of Cohasset High School from 8-11 (CHS loading dock), starting Monday, March 16 for all Cohasset students. Students will be able to charge their accounts and Free and Reduced breakfast and lunch will be provided as usual. To get to the loading dock, please pass the middle school entrance and go around to the back of the building. There will be signs up showing the location. This service is available for all Cohasset students PK-12.

180 Day of School Rule:

How will the days of a two-week closure count against school days?

Cohasset Public Schools will be in school through June 24, 2020 which is our regularly scheduled 185th day.

Currently the schools are closed through March 27, 2020. Will this be extended? How will we be notified?

The Cohasset Public Schools will continue to monitor this fluid situation and will make the best determinations in the best interest of the students and staff. Information will continue to be provided via Blackboard Connect, on our website, via Aspen from the individual principals on Twitter, and on all major news outlets.

What will happen to April vacation (April 20-24)?

At this time, April vacation will continue as planned. However, this situation is fluid, so we will update you as information comes our way.

The Importance of Social Distancing

Please continue to practice social distancing. The article below provides useful information.

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