Unit 1 Outline

DAY 1 - Introductions, Course Expectations, Physics Pretest  (Current record held by Noah S - 34/40 correct!) HW: Write down 4 random facts - 3 about anything and 1 about you  HandoutsCourse Expectations A 


DAY 2 - Average Speed Lab, Compliment Exercise  HW: Lab Analysis Questions   Handouts: Lab Average Speed A


DAY 3 - Discuss Average Speed Lab, Daily Quiz #1, Take notes (Intro to Motion), Start relative motion problems (groups).  HW: Unit Conversions  Handouts: Notes: Intro to MotionWS Relative Motion AWS Unit Conversions A


DAY 4 - Finish and discuss Relative Motion WS, Daily Quiz #2, Collect data for Tumble Buggy Lab, Graph lab data  HW: Finish Tumble Buggy Lab, Position Graph Worksheet   HandoutsLab Tumble BuggyWS Position vs Time GraphKEY Position vs Time Graph


DAY 5 - Discuss HW, Daily Quiz #3, Take notes (Speed, Velocity, Vectors)  HW: Combining Vectors  Handouts: Notes: Speed and Velocity Vectors, WS Combining Vectors A


DAY 6 - Review Combining Vectors HW, Take Unit Quiz, Do Part I of the Vector Lab  The Accelerated class took the Unit Quiz and did Part I of the Vector Lab.  HW: Chapter 11 Qs (go along with textbook)  Handouts: Lab Adding Vectors A,  WS Chapter 11 Qs


DAY 7 - Finish the Vector Lab analysis, Daily Quiz #4, Start notes (Motion Formulas).  HW: Vector Lab Summary (due Day 9), Average Problems (1 - 4b)   Handouts: Notes Motion Formulas, WS Just Some Average Problems A


DAY 8 - Discuss HW, Daily Quiz #5, Finish Motion Notes, Start Galileo's Ramp Lab.  HW: Finish Average Problems, Vector Lab due next class   Handouts: Lab Galileo's Ramp


DAY 9 - Collect Lab, Discuss HW (Average Problems), Daily Quiz #6, Finish Galileo's Ramp Lab, Take Notes (3 Formulas). HW: Motion Formulas and Problems  Handouts: Notes 3 Formulas, KEY 3 Formulas Practice, WS Motion Formulas and Problems


DAY 10 - Discuss HW, Motion Detector Lab, Group Work: Interpreting Motion Graphs  HW: Finish any classwork and Analyzing Graphs WS  Handouts: Lab Motion DetectorWS Interpreting Graphs AWS Analyzing Graphs A


DAY 11 - Discuss Motion Formulas HW, Daily Quiz #6, Sample MCAS problems, Group work: Motion Graph  HW: Unit 1 Study Guide (Test next class)  Handouts: MCAS Motion ProblemsWS Motion GraphWS Study Guide Unit 1 AKEY Unit 1 Study Guide A


 DAY 12 - Unit 1 Test  HW: Extra Credit Crossword (optional)  Handouts: Unit 1 Crossword