Weeks 1 - 3

Week 1 - History and “Getting to Know You”

Outlining questions:

Where did American Musical Theater originate (domestically and abroad) ?


Live theater, adding music, opera, Broadway history,


William Shakespeare, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Rogers & Hammerstein, George & Ira Gershwin


Week 2 & 3 - Who, What, Where, When - “I want to Be a Producer”

Outlining Questions:

Who are major members of the musical theater world?


Get to know the different roles in musical theater; including specific people

Major Project:

You are the director of a musical of your choice - create 10 rehearsals worth of schedules for what you would do.


Roles to talk about: Director, Choreographer, Music Director, Stage Manager, Crew hand, Set Designer, Stage Designer, Costume / Makeup, Conductor, Pit Musicians, Tech (sound and lighting), etc.

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