Course Expectations and Syllabus

This course is recommended for students who have an interest in Musical Theater production. Emphasis is placed on history of the musical theater, important roles in musical theater production, and important figures in musical theater.



Appreciating Musicals, William G. Reid; Broadway: The American Musical - PBS; various show scripts, various show clips, Spotify


We will be utilizing Google Classroom and other google based apps.

Please bring a computer or personal device that can access google to each class each day.

If a device is not accessible please let the teacher know so that one may be provided.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to

- Understand the chronological order and importance of the development of Broadway in America/American History

- Explain the roles and responsibilities in a broadway musical

- Using the creative process develop their own musical theater show: including characters/cast, set design, costumes, songs, choreography, story line, etc.

- Analyze how technical elements (staging, scenery, props, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, etc.) and performance elements ( acting, speaking, singing musical expression, and nonverbal expression) create mood, believable characters and advance the message and story of the show

Grading Policy


Daily grade (30%) - each day you will be given a daily grade; this will be a culmination of participation (including: discussions, analysis of shows, and written work given in class, etc.) engagement (staying off cell phones and being present during class discussions and work) and being present during class (not being tardy or absent)


Written Test Grades (20%) - at the end of each unit there will be written tests. These tests will not be cumulative, however content that we touch upon at the beginning of the quarter will be necessary moving forward. There will be no retakes on written tests.


Aural  quizzes (15%) - Aural quizzes will be given sporadically. Students will have to know the name of the song, the show the song comes from, and the character who sings it. There will be no retakes on aural quizzes.


Written quizzes (15%) - Written quizzes will also be given periodically to make sure students are staying up-to-date on the content. There will be no retakes on written quizzes.


Final Project (20%) - The final project for this class will be to develop an original musical show. This will be a multi-step project with opportunities for performance, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking.


Extra Credit Opportunities

If you go see a musical (professional or amatuer) please bring in your playbill and a one page paper typed about your experience. Please review and analyze the performance and  technical elements you witnessed that were utilized in the show.

If you are IN a musical (professional or amatuer) please bring in your playbill and a one page paper typed about your experience. In what way were you involved in the production of the show? What were your responsibilities? etc.

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