Monday's Solar Eclipse

Greetings Cohasset Families,

As you may be aware, a total solar eclipse will be visible on Monday, April 8, 2024. The eclipse is forecasted to begin shortly after 2:00PM Eastern Time and will last about two and a half hours until about 4:30PM Eastern Time. I wanted to update you on our educational plans and on our safety considerations.


Safety Considerations:

The guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) promotes us notifying students that they should not look directly at the solar eclipse without eye protection. We will be informing students of this guidance at all our schools on the morning of the eclipse. In addition, the Cohasset PSO has provided regulation safety glasses for all elementary students and our administration has regulation safety glasses available for all middle and high school students to ensure that if classes view the eclipse as an educational opportunity that students will be able to view the eclipse safely. No outdoor after-school activities, including all sports, per the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Sports Medicine Committee guidance, will take place during the eclipse time. Communications will be forthcoming regarding individual after-school activities, which are impacted by the eclipse.


Educational Opportunities:

Weather permitting, all elementary students (grades K-2) at Joseph Osgood and (grades 3-5) at Deer Hill, as well as all middle school students, will be viewing the eclipse in a supervised manner with regulation safety glasses just before dismissal. Teachers will also be educating the students regarding the eclipse. At the high school, students will learn about the eclipse, and viewing opportunities will be more class specific. Participating students will be issued regulation safety glasses. If you would like to opt out your elementary school, middle school, or high school student from potential viewing, please contact your child’s principal by calling your child’s main office.

We are excited about these wonderful learning opportunities for our students. Please see below for additional information regarding the eclipse from DESE. Have a wonderful day.



Patrick Sullivan, Ed.D.


Cohasset Public Schools


Information about the April 8, 2024, Eclipse

A total solar eclipse will be visible from many parts of the US on April 8, 2024. While no location in Massachusetts will experience totality, some parts of the state will see over 95% coverage of the sun if weather permits.

The eclipse will begin shortly after 2 PM ET and will last about two and a half hours until about 4:30 PM ET.

Path of the April 8, 2024, Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs with the moon passing directly between the Earth and the Sun. The moon is much smaller than the sun, but because it is so close to the Earth it can appear to partially or complete block the image of the sun.

This map developed by Xavier M. Jubier provides information about the path of the eclipse, and the maximum amount of coverage at a chosen location on Earth.

Educational and Informational Resources for the April 8, 2024, Eclipse

The eclipse may overlap with dismissal for many Massachusetts schools. We recommend preparing students to safely experience the eclipse. Please instruct students not to look directly at the eclipse without proper eye protection.

  • Visit NASA's website for a comprehensive information about the eclipse.
  • These resources are available in several languages for families and community members:
  • The NASA website and NSTA website contain multiple lesson plans and resources for educators.
  • NSTA's website  contains a document with relevant information for school administrators.
  • This video from the Fiske Planetarium contains information for administrators about student safety during the eclipse.
  • There are many cultural stories surrounding eclipses. The Exploratorium website contains information about various cultural eclipse narratives and histories.
  • Free eclipse glasses may be available through your local library and the Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries program.