Change in Time for Astronaut Bowen Live Streaming Event 5/24/2023

I was just informed by NASA that the originally scheduled time will now not work due to an unanticipated interruption in the signal during that time. The new time for tomorrow’s event is 1:10PM – 1:35PM. The event will still be streamed live on Facebook at Cohasset Live Streaming and can be seen on 143 TV. I have included the information regarding the event with the change in time below.


We are excited to announce that tomorrow, Wednesday, May 24 from 1:10PM - 1:35PM, Cohasset Public Schools and the Town of Cohasset will be communicating directly with Astronaut Stephen Bowen from space! We have been working behind the scenes with NASA, and we are thrilled that this event will take place for our students, staff, and community.


The event is a 25-minute downlink with two-way audio and one way video. The audience will be able to view and speak directly to Astronaut Bowen. All students and staff of Cohasset Public Schools will participate in the event, and we have selected students from all grade levels to ask questions and set to speak directly to Commander Bowen. The event will be streamed live on Facebook at Cohasset Live Streaming and can be seen on 143 TV.


NASA Astronaut Stephen G. Bowen, a Cohasset native and retired U.S. Navy captain, is the first submarine officer to selected as an astronaut by NASA. Since becoming an astronaut, Astronaut Bowen has flown on STS-126, STS-132, and STS-133 missions, and served as Commander of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 mission aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station in March.


We are thankful to NASA and especially to Astronaut Bowen for this gracious gesture. This generosity is inspiring and is truly emblematic of Cohasset Public Schools vision of "Empowering Students to Improve Communities." We are also thankful for the wonderful collaboration with the Town of Cohasset to make this event a reality.




Patrick Sullivan, Ed.D.


Cohasset Public Schools