Change from DESE regarding CHS Mask Mandate

Greetings Cohasset Families,

This message is to inform you that shortly after I sent the correspondence to the community last evening regarding the acceptance of our 80% vaccination attestation at Cohasset High School by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and shortly before last evening’s Cohasset School Committee, I received a call from DESE apologizing and rescinding the formal approval they had sent previously due to their reconsideration of our shared building space between middle and high school students. According to DESE we now have to meet the 80% vaccination threshold at both our middle school and high school (combined percentage of total vaccinated students and staff) in order to have the opportunity to remove masks for vaccinated individuals within the building. Although we are over the 80% attestation at the high school, when combined with the middle school we stand at 71.4% vaccinated individuals.

Our most up to date vaccination attestation percentages are as follows:

Cohasset High School Student Vaccination Attestation (per MIIS): 86%

Cohasset High School Staff Vaccination Attestation: 62.9%

Cohasset Middle School Student Vaccination Attestation (per MIIS): 57.5%

Cohasset Middle School Staff Vaccination Attestation: 51.8% (please keep in mind that currently only 35% of our sixth graders will be old enough on January 1 to receive vaccination)

Total Vaccination Attestation for Middle and High School Building: 71.4%

These percentages were presented at last evening’s School Committee Meeting. At the meeting, Cohasset Teachers Association (CTA) representation was reminded of the importance of their members attesting to their vaccination. We sincerely hope the CTA will cooperate with the community to help with this important effort.

If you have not yet attested to your child’s vaccination, please email you child’s school nurse. We will keep you informed as we move forward collecting data to reach the 80% vaccination rate. Please click on the link to access the Safety Review Presentation that was presented at last evening’s School Committee Meeting.




Patrick Sullivan, Ed.D.


Cohasset Public Schools