Special School Committee Meeting on 8/16/2021

Dear Cohasset School Community:
As noted at last night’s meeting, the School Committee intends to hold a special meeting at which various COVID-19 safety protocols and measures for the upcoming school year will be discussed.  At this meeting, the use of face coverings or masks will be discussed and the School Committee will make an affirmative decision about whether students will be required to wear masks when they return to school next month.

The special meeting will be held at 6PM on MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 2021 VIA ZOOM.

Representatives from the Cohasset Board of Health and the Cohasset Teachers Association will be present as to share information and perspectives and to lend their overall insight in an effort to facilitate an open and collaborative discourse.  ALL members of our school community are invited to attend and voice their opinions, ask questions, articulate concerns, and lend their own insight(s).  Once all stakeholders have had an opportunity to participate, the School Committee will deliberate on any matters that require a vote, and decisions will be made.

We understand that some individuals would like to have such a meeting in person.  Nevertheless, August is a very popular vacation month and conducting this meeting in a virtual format allows everyone to participate, regardless of their physical whereabouts, and allows us to coordinate with the larger number of panelists that need to be present in relatively short order.  We understand that many families are anxious to know more about this facet of the upcoming year’s operations so, where time is of the essence, the virtual format works best.  The various schedules of the panelists involved is also the reason we could not hold the meeting the week of August 11, as the chair intimated at last night’s meeting.  August 16 is the earliest date that all panelists were available.  This timeline also serves to provide all stakeholders with sufficient advanced notice.

We will be sending out a specific posting for this meeting, along with Zoom information, in the coming days.We look forward to a productive discourse that ensures the best course of action for both our students and the school community at-large.

Craig MacLellan
Cohasset School Committee