Possible Full-Time, In-Person Learning Model for Teachers' Children

Greetings Cohasset Families,

In Commissioner Riley’s most recent Desktop Newsletter, he states the following:

Recognizing the critical need districts are facing to staff their schools this fall, and to provide support to teachers, I am making the following recommendations:

  1. Our guidance has previously indicated that districts that have adopted a hybrid or remote learning model should prioritize high-needs students for full-time, in-person learning. I recommend these districts also further prioritize children of teachers for full-time, in-person instruction when feasible. Since the models will vary by district, districts will decide locally what constitutes full-time instruction for these students.  (Desktop Newsletter, 8/21/20)


In order to determine if allowing children of teachers full-time (or as near to full-time as possible), in-person learning is feasible, we are asking that parents / guardians who are teachers in public schools in Massachusetts please fill out this form if they wish for their children to be considered for full-time (or as near as we can create to full-time) in-person learning in Cohasset Public Schools. We ask that Cohasset teaching staff who have children attending Cohasset schools please also fill out this form if they wish their children to attend as near full-time in person learning in Cohasset Public Schools as we can provide for them. The form, which needs to be filled out by TUESDAY, AUGUST 25 at 3:00PM, can be found below:

Possible Full-Time In-Person Learning For Teachers’ Children Form