Clarifications: Remote Learning Only Option

Greetings Cohasset Families,

In an effort to provide information in response to reoccurring questions regarding the proposed TECCA Full Remote Only option, I am sending forward the following clarifications:


"If I do not choose TECCA and my child gets sick or has to quarantine, will he or she be provided with a remote only program at that time for the duration of the quarantine, as my child will clearly not be able to jump into TECCA at that point?" 


Yes...we will find a TEMPORARY Remote option ONLY for students who are under quarantine and isolating or are under a doctor's care for COVID-19. Students who are in that situation will return to the hybrid or whatever model schools are following when their quarantine period ends. 



"Will students who are enrolled in the TECCA for Remote Learning Only have to be enrolled for the entire year?"


"Students at the elementary level and middle school level will need to be enrolled in TECCA until the end of the first semester (January 25). It is clear now that students at the high school level will need to be enrolled in TECCA for the entire year due to our semester delivery model of classes at CHS."

I hope these clarifications help those who had these questions. A reminder that we ask that if you are opting for fully remote learning for your child(ren) that you please should fill out the previously sent Full Remote Learning Option Form by Wednesday, August 12 at 3:00pm. If this form is not filled out before 3:00pm on August 12, we cannot guarantee your child(ren) a spot in the program.




Patrick Sullivan, Ed.D.


Cohasset Public Schools