The Dangers of Opioid Use and Misuse Fact Sheets

The 2016 legislation in Massachusetts requires that parents, guardians, and other adults in a middle and high school extracurricular athlete’s life such as School Nurses, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Athletic Trainers, receive educational materials on the dangers of opioid use and misuse.  Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has developed educational materials on opioid misuse prevention and is partnering with schools across the state to share this  information with students, parents and school personnel. Because of the risk of injury and the subsequent need for pain management, student athletes may be at risk for opioid misuse.
This is a reminder that this educational information, in written form, must be distributed to athletic staff and student athletes prior to the beginning of their athletic seasons.
Attached please find a set of four fact sheets that the Massachusetts Department of Health with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) and Massachusetts Technical Assistance Partnership for Prevention (MassTAPP) have developed for the school sports community on prescription opioid misuse prevention entitled:

Preventing Prescription Opioid Misuse Among Student Athletes

Injury Management: A Key Component of Prescription Opioid Misuse Prevention

What to Know About Prescription Opioids

Guidance on Communications After a Non-Concussion Sports Injury


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