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Special Education

  • Consistent with state and federal laws, "all efforts shall be made to meet the student's needs within the context of the services which are part of the regular education program." Efforts made to modify the general education program to meet such needs can include adjustments in course levels, extra help, courses in reading and study skills, alternative curriculum and testing methods, personal counseling and consultation with parents.

    When, despite such modifications, a student does not demonstrate progress in regular class programs, referrals can be made by parents/guardians and/or teachers through the guidance counselor for a diagnostic evaluation (TEAM) to determine if the student has a handicapping condition, which requires special services.  A variety of special education services are available.

    The high school offers a wide range of opportunities for students with individual special needs.  The goal is to maximize successful learning experiences within the least restrictive learning environment, consistent with federal and state special education laws. The department develops programs for those students who may need specialized strategies, accommodations or modifications of curriculum in order to participate fully in the high school community and prepare for postsecondary goals.  Services are only open to students who have been evaluated by an assessment team and have a current, signed

    Individualized Educational Program (I.E.P).  The I.E.P. team will determine appropriate placement for each student according to his or her current Individualized Educational Plan.