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World Languages

  • Learning other languages reinforces the understanding of an individual’s primary language and develops communicative competence, strengthens reading and writing skills, and opens the door to a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the richness of diverse cultures. Awareness of cultural differences and similarities is also essential to a complete language education. Interdisciplinary themes allow students to use the language they acquire to learn about their world in general. They also demonstrate a more authentic use for the language as a means of communicating important information. In modern languages, direct communication with native speakers is the ultimate goal, while the study of Latin gives access to the mind and spirit of Romans to gain awareness of the cultural heritage and improve communication in English. 

    At Cohasset High School, the World Language course names are aligned to reflect the ACTFL (The American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages) proficiency guidelines. Students who begin language study in grade 6 enter CHS with three years of study and have completed the equivalent of 1 and ½ years of high school content.