• Faculty

    Ms. MaryBeth Reardon


    Mr. Edward Savage


    Mr. Russell Sears


    Mrs. Jessie Slade 


    Ms. Allison Thornton





Science and Technology

  • Advances in science and technology/engineering continue to dominate our changing world in the 21st century.  Through a comprehensive curriculum based on an inquiry and investigative approach, study in science and technology/engineering provides students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and processes necessary to function in a technologically advanced society.  Particular areas of emphasis center on independent and active learning, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving using an expanding variety of research methodologies and participatory activities that not only focus on laboratory, fieldwork, and design challenges but also incorporate the interrelationship of science concepts with technological applications.  In addition, courses in science & technology/engineering provide opportunities for students to (1) develop habits of mind, (2) become reflective human beings, (3) evaluate critical societal and environmental issues, and (4) explain the interconnectedness of STEM disciplines.