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  • As the impact of technology on our society continues to broaden in the 21st century, a foundation in and facility with mathematics will become increasingly necessary.  This society is one that utilizes calculators and computers, one where mathematics is being applied in diverse fields, and one that needs mathematically literate citizens.

    The mathematics content standards at the high school level are directly aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and are organized around five enduring understandings that are important to the discipline of mathematics. These enduring understandings are Number Properties and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, and Algebraic Thinking. Theses understandings are conceptual organizers for mathematics and are similar at each grade level to ensure that students have multiple opportunities to develop their mathematical skills, a proficient understanding of the mathematical process that allows students to make connections between these skills, the processes, and real-life applications.  The TI 83 Graphing Calculator offers students an opportunity to be actively engaged in mathematical inquiry, a deeper mathematical understanding, and an understanding of the limitations and benefits of technology.