•  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that students under the age of 18 obtain a permit to work.  This is commonly referred to as "working papers" and the requirements for documentation vary depending on the student's age.   


    1. Print the Working Permit Form 1 below.  Complete the form to the best of your ability, and have the prospective employer complete the first page. 
    2. Print the Working Permit Form 2 below and fill out with the exception of:  Permit number, Issue date, Municipality of Issue, Expiration date and signature will be completed in the Guidance Office.

    Send both forms to Patrice Hoeft phoeft@cohassetk12.org.  Mrs. Hoeft will complete form 2 and return to the student via email.  The completed form 2 will be given to the employer via the student.

     Working Permit Form 1

    Working Permit Form 2