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Great News!   Our licenses for Keyboarding Without Tears Run through the end of August.

 Access the Keyboarding without Tears Program by going to https://program.kwtears.com Students will then use the Code AE4119 and log into their classroom. They then use the same Secret Code/ Password from computer class. See My Keyboarding Page for a Fingering Guide PDF.

  •  Computer Class:

    Students at Deer Hill have computer class once a week for a 45 minute period.  Students will use a program Keyboarding Without Tears (KWT). KWT is a cloud application keyboarding program. The program is research-based, cross-curricular, linked to keyboarding standards, and immersed in Internet safety, digital citizenship.

    Skills in word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentations, Internet and browser use, online research, and coding are among the computer basics that are explored and practiced throughout grades 3-5.