Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brett Youmans

My philosophy  -  I believe that Physical Education gives students the opportunity to express them-selves through physical activity and provides them with challenges and strategies they will need in the  “real world.” As a result of their participation in Physical Education, students will learn to become physically active, promoting a healthier lifestyle, so they can become active members of their community. TO make sure students succeed, I work diligently to be an effective teacher. I am goal oriented, I set expectations and goals for my students and push them to succeed in class and in life.  In class, I am a positive role model, and leader. I demonstrate trust, respect, self-discipline, and commitment. I expect all my students to take this with them beyond the classroom setting. As a result of my guidance and positive characteristics during physical education my students will have the means to emulate these “lessons” in life.

  • Course description- The Physical Education Program at the Deer Hill School is an essential part of every child’s educational experience. This course meets twice a week, (two 45 minute classes) will provide students with an opportunity to participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. These activities are designed to help each student develop their basic movement skills, improve their level of fitness and gain knowledge of specific movement and health concepts. These skills and concepts will be incorporated into content areas: Educational Games, Educational gymnastics and health related experiences in physical fitness. There are a few areas of learning where students can better learn the complex and important lessons of developing responsibility, self-esteem, self-confidence, cooperation, competition, respect, a sense of right and wrong and achieving specific goals. The Physical Education Program at the Deer Hill School provides these opportunity to all students.

    All lessons and activities are planned and aligned with Mass. Curriculum Frame work/standards as well as the National Standards for Physical Education.