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    Naviance is a web based program that enables counselors to offer comprehensive college and career counseling resources to students. The information below provides a general outline of how Naviance is utilized with each grade level.

    Freshmen are introduced to Naviance in a group workshop prior to the end of the school year.  Students  will register with the program and have an introduction to the basic features of Naviance.  This will include how to research careers/colleges and building a resume.

    Sophomores will attend a career workshop with their counselor.  Students will complete a personality inventory and results will allow for brainstorming and researching potential careers and interests.  Sophomores will continue to build their resume and complete a comprehensive college search.

    Juniors will attend two Naviance workshops and utilize the program during individual meetings with their counselor.  Students will research colleges, compare GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other CHS specific admissions statistics.  Students will utilize the program to communicate with their counselor regarding colleges they are considering and can register for college representative visits via the program.

    Seniors will utilize the program to finalize college research and determine if the schools they are applying to are in their target, safety, or reach zone.  They will request transcripts and teacher recommendations via the program and it will be an integral part of individual counselor meetings.  Seniors will use the program to register for college representative visits.

    Naviance offers a vast array of resources and is an incredibly valuable tool in the college planning process.  Below are some of the counselor's favorite features.

    College Lookup:

    This is one-stop shopping for comprehensive information on any college.  It provides information on admissions, deadlines, majors, financial aid, student activities and more.  Students can link directly to the college's website and view historical admissions data from past CHS graduates.

    College Search:

    Students can prioritize specific criteria to generate a list of colleges that may be of interest.  Search characteristics include Size, Location, Major, Athletics and much more.


    Scattergrams provide a graphical view of application outcomes for students who have graduated from CHS during the past four years.  GPA and standardized test data is displayed in a confidential manner and will assist students in determining their chances of admission at a particular college.

    College Visit Schedule

    Naviance outlines a calendar of college representatives scheduled to visit CHS.  Students register for these sessions directly through Naviance.