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Ms. Mac

Welcome to the wonderful world of mathematics!  Math is everywhere and we will be looking for it! 


My name is Kate McAlarney, but the kids call me "Ms. Mac".   A little about me and then more about my wonderful classes.  I have an extensive background in industry (formerly a CPA with one of the "Big" firms) but my passion is teaching mathematics - it's what I was born to do!  I started in Cohasset 10 years ago, teaching math in the middle school for 3 years.  I've since moved up to the high school and I teach Algebra, PreCalculus and AP Calculus. I'm also advisor to Student Council and I try to attend as many of the kids events as possible.  This is a great school with great kids and I feel fortunate to be here.  :)


My philosophy in teaching math is that the students need 21st-century analytical, logical, conceptual and problem-solving skills to be successful in their high school and college years and ultimately in their careers.  My favorite classroom question is "when am I ever going to use this?"  I love this question because it has 2 correct answers: always and never!  You might not ever solve a quadratic equation in your career, but analytical and problem-solving skills are used every day!  I am passionate in helping the students to develop the critical thinking skills that enable them to think conceptually and logically perservere through a problem and I truly believe that each student has the abilty to do just that..   Algebra is the foundational course that provides the students the skills they need to progress to their other math classes. PreCalculus is the course where algebra meets the graphical and conceptual.  AP Calculus is where it all comes together and the students learn to apply all the math they've learned in a challenging setting.


I'm excited for a great year and in helping all of you discover your math talents!  If you need to reach me for any reason, email me at