STARS program (Students Together Achieve Real Success)

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STARS program (Students Together Achieve Real Success)

This program is for students with language delays that prevent full participation in the general education setting.  Students will develop the skills and strategies needed to participate in a full academic school day, accessing the general education curriculum in the least restrictive setting.  Inclusion opportuiiteis are provided to the maximum extent possible depending on individual student progress.  Students in the STARS program may present with a variety of challenges including anxiety, social skill deficits, self-awareness, and executive fuctioning, as well as sensory and emotional regulation.  In addition, students' learning may not be at grade level and their needs are best met in an academic environment outside the general education setting for a portion of their day.  Studnets may receive academic or discrete trial instruction in the STARS program.  A special education teacher may deliver the academic instruction, and the classroom is supported by behavior therapists trainded to work with students with complex needs.  The STARS Program will utilize social thinking strategies as part of the program.  Additional related services are determined by the Team and written into the Individualized Education Program.

Lunch Bunch 

Students will have lunch and take part in activities such as group games and art activities.  The purpose of the group is to target social skills while having fun!  Students will participate in collaborative play situations that develop flexible thinking skills, capacity for abstract thought, self-regulation, social-emotional development and perspective taking.  Lunch Bunch is held Monday-Thursday from 11:15-12:15 at Joseph Osgood Elementary School. Preschool children who apply will be put into a lottery.   The program will run for the school year and an additional cost will be applied. Please contact Student Services if you are interested in learning how to enter your child into the Lunch Bunch lottery.  

Michele Curtin, Special Education Teacher

My name is Michele Curtin.  Currently, I hold a position at Cohasset Public Schools as the special education teacher for the STARS program (Students Together Achieve Real Success).  I have a wide range of experience in supporting young children and their families.  I taught in a substantially separate setting (The May Institute), was an integrated preschool teacher at the South Shore Educaitonal Collaborative-Mini School as well as for Cohasset Public Schools, held a role as a home/school parent consultant  at the South Shore Educaitonal Collaborative-Mini School. I received my Masters in Education from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  My undergraduate certifications are in the areas of Early Childhood Education and Special Education from Bridgewater State University.  I have been teaching for Cohasset Public Schools  for the past 10 years. I have three children of my own (ages; 20, 17 and 15).


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Mrs. Curtin