Technology in the Cohasset Public Schools  

  • In the recent past the term “technology” was generally associated with simply desktop computers and email.  In today’s world this term has expanded to have a broader connotation, including high speed internet access, Web 2.0 resources offering personalized learning, media rich digital publishing, student assessment tools and a wide variety of mobile devices.  This expansion continues today requiring knowledge of emerging technologies as a necessary and an ongoing component for continuing to effectively meet the educational needs of students.  The integration of technology into education is a critical component in today’s educational environment.  Purposefully embedding technology into the curriculum transforms the learning experience for all students by providing tools that help align current teaching and learning strategies with curriculum standards.  This allows schools to meet the needs of diverse learners in ways that were previously inconceivable.

    Cohasset’s Technology Plan provides a blueprint for change.  This plan affords administrators, teachers, and the community with a map for the integration of technology into the learning environment, transforming instruction and learning in ways that support diverse learners and assists them in achieving the 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and independence.  Within this plan are also the essential provisions for professional development, technology infrastructure and support to ensure that technology integration into instruction occurs for all students.

    Cohasset Technology Plan