The Cohasset Public School District uses Blackboard Connect as our tool to communicate emergency and outreach messages to families via phone or email.  At Cohasset Middle-High School, we communicate regularly with our families through an electronic newsletter delivered via Blackboard.  We also use Blackboard to notify families of school events, changes in the calendar, student attendance and other issues.  Your Blackboard account will allow you to be contacted on as many contact devices as you feel necessary.

    To set up a Blackboard account, please follow the steps below:

    1.      You will need your student’s id number (this is the same number students use in the cafeteria).

    2.      Visit the Cohasset Public School’s Blackboard Connect website:  http://bbc.cohassetk12.org

    3.      Click on “SIGN ME UP.”

    4.      Fill out the form and click “CONTINUE.”

    5.      You will then be emailed a confirmation that the account has been set up.

    6.      Login to your email and click on the link in the email.

    7.      Fill out the security questions and then click “SAVE.”

    8.      Click on LOGIN and enter the email address and password you setup.  This sets up the Blackboard Connect account.  Now you need to link your student’s accounts to your login. 

    9.      Click the “CLICK HERE” link to manage all of your contact information.

    10.  The system will require an identification code-enter your student’s id number.

    11.  The system will then require a phone number currently associated with the student.

    12.  The system will then ask for your relationship with the student.

    13.  The system will then ask what contact information is yours.

    14.  At this point you are free to add other students as well as add/change/delete your contact information.