• Faculty

    Ms. Melissa Barry

    Ms. Gabriella Lima

    Ms. Maria Regueiro

    Ms. Kathleen Sanges


World Languages

  • Studying a second language and culture is a rewarding process and skill that offers the student unique insights and perspectives when comparing the language and culture with one’s own. Students gain a competitive edge when applying to colleges and to jobs in the increasingly international work place. World languages are an asset in fields such as: communications, medicine, law, education, government, civil service, business, banking and sports coverage.

    Cultural instruction will complement grammar instruction in each unit of study. Students will learn about the people who speak the language, gain an appreciation for an entirely new way of life, and in turn, become citizens that are more tolerant and respectful of cultural differences. The target language will be used as much as possible by both the teacher and the student. Students will be required to complete homework assignments and laboratory assignments that reinforce lessons from the classroom. Students will be assessed in four main proficiency areas: reading, listening, speaking and writing.