Science and Technology

  • Science education, like all other types of education, should help in preparing students to lead personally fulfilling and responsible lives. It should help students develop the understandings and habits of mind they need to become reflective and compassionate human beings who are able to think for themselves and make rational and informed decisions about the world around them. Meaningful participation in modern society, with its emphasis on science and technology, requires an understanding of the basic concepts and principles of science.

    In order to assist our students in acquiring this understanding, the science department has established the following goals: (1) Develop within students the ability to think independently and critically about important and relevant scientific matters. (2) Provide an appropriate scientific knowledge base that allows students to develop an understanding and awareness of critical societal and environmental issues. (3) Develop an understanding of science as a process and be able to use this process to help them solve problems in daily living. (4) Help students to appreciate the interconnectedness of the various disciplines. (5) Develop an awareness of the history of science and the mutual dependence of science and technology.

    The courses in the science department have been designed to help students achieve the above goals. All science courses require an active involvement on the part of students. Critical thinking, problem solving, observation and experimentation are important aspects of science that require student involvement. Laboratory activities are an essential part of all science courses.

    The science and technology department offers a variety of courses to meet our students' varying needs, interest, and abilities. While all of the science courses help students develop a well-rounded functional knowledge of science as it applies to their everyday life, they are specifically designed to assist students in their preparation for their studies beyond middle school.