• Faculty

    Ms. Ashley Hannon

    Ms. Erin Ryan

    Ms. Eileen Weisslinger


Social Studies

  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks, along with the Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards, guide the Cohasset Middle-High School Social Studies curriculum for grades 6, 7 and 8. The curriculum for grade six concentrates on World Geography. Grade seven concentrates on Ancient Civilizations, and grade eight concentrates on the development of civilizations after the fall of the Roman Empire. In addition, there is a required trimester-long course in research and digital citizenship for all grade 8 students. These three years of study in geography and history at the middle school level are required for each student.

    The goals of the Middle-High School Social Studies Program are to prepare citizens who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in high school and beyond, to effectively participate in their local, national and global communities, and to encourage students to become lifelong learners.