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    Ms. Erin Foley

    Ms. Amy Gallagher

    Ms. Deborah Hathaway

    Mr. John Maher

    Mr. Jon Fortin
    Dept. Head Gr. 6-12








  • The mathematics curriculum for grades six through eight is based upon the Massachusetts Common Core Standards for Mathematics, a framework built upon the notion that students must learn how to think critically and creatively in order to develop an appropriate foundation on which to build their mathematics education. Mathematics at the middle school level teaches students specific mathematical skills in topics that include Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Probability and Statistics. Mathematics provide all students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the mathematical process, and demonstrates to students the connections between these skills, the process, and real-life applications.

    The Cohasset Middle-High School Mathematics Department embraces the idea that the world is one in which mathematics is being applied in increasingly diverse fields, and one which needs mathematically literate workers and problem solvers. The curriculum is designed to provide for these challenges.