Student Council

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    CHS StuCo Website


    5/22 Meeting Agenda:

    1.  Class Days

    2.  Elections for Next Year are 6/8!

    3.  Research Project due on Monday 5/29.

    4.  Next week's meeting is on Tuesday 5/30


    The purposes of the council are as follows: (1) to coordinate student representation at Cohasset High School; (2) to act in the interest of the student body in making recommendations to the administration and school committee; (3) to actively promote the interests of students at Cohasset High School; (4) to act as mediator between students and administration; (5) to encourage and sponsor student activities; (6) to actively work toward better teacher/student relations; (7) to work to promote the welfare of the school through its student body.

    For more information contact:

    Kate McAlarney

    Room 152