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Ms. Mac

Welcome to Algebra 1! 

Algebra is one of the most important courses you will ever take! The focus of this course is to build your foundational understanding of patterns and relationships.  

The format of the course is very structured and consistent.  Most days, we will begin with going over the previous night's homework and we will together work on the Problem Problems.  We will then introduce a new topic and work on that in class.  Most days there is a short Homework Quiz that helps both you and me to know if we're learning the material.  And of course, most nights there is a homework assignment.  This is after all math!  Tests are given after each major unit and are announced in advance.

We also look at puzzles and logic games to help build those pattern-seeking skills! There's also an awesome art project that will help bring it all together so that you truly see math in real life!  I thimk you'll find yourself impressed by how much you'll grow mathematically this year!