Academic Learning Center

    Direct Study Room 194 

    Mr. Hogan    


    781 339-6100 x 2395 office

    781 339-6100 x 2194 ALC / DS


    Office hours:   Generally the ALC is staffed until 3:00 pm daily, except for planned faculty meetings. In addition, Mr. Hogan is typically in his office prior to 7:00 am every day. Students are also encouraged to make an appointment if needed.


    Course Description:

    The Academic Learning Center (ALC) works closely with special education students to understand, comprehend, and appreciate their individual talents and challenges. Through hard work and time the students discover their strengths and learning styles while becoming independent learners. Our mission is to help all students develop an ability to think critically and creatively while investigating the past, examining the present, and preparing for the challenging future.  The ALC is staffed by a highly qualified and energetic Special Education Teacher, and supported by the experience and dedication of Educational Service Professionals (ESP). The ALC team of educators in collaboration with faculty, parents and students, provide a structured arena for students with educational plans to learn and develop the appropriate strategies, skills, and knowledge to access the general curriculum. The knowledge and experience the students will acquire and apply to their Cohasset academic endeavors will hopefully become a permanent aspect of the student’s lifelong learning process. In order for students to be successful in ALC a diligent work ethic, willingness to be persistent, positive and willing attitude. An open mind is a great thing.


    Learning is a lifelong process and experiences


    Course Requirements and Grading:

    • The ALC is evaluated on a Pass-Fail classification. A Passing grade will not be calculated into a student’s over-all GPA. A student achieving a Passing grade will earn full credits, which in turn contributes towards the student’s overall graduation credit requirement.
    • Please note: 1 term ALC will earn 2.5 credits; 2 terms ALC will 5 credits; etc.
    • Passing grades are attained by but not limited to:
      • Respect: respect of self, respect for peers, respect for all instructors, respect for the school, and respect for any guest we may have in the class.
      • Good attendance / limited tardiness
      • Completion of assignments as requested / taking ownership of one’s own academics
      • Following guidelines
      • Following class rules, CHS rules, and respecting others
      • Open willingness to persist and try new learning skills and strategies along the students journey of becoming an independent learner
      • Working collaboratively
      • Academic ownership
      • Proper Communication
    • Individual goals and expectation progress as stated on students IEP


    Classroom Rules:

    The participation and conduct of each person will determine the kind of learning we all experience in the classroom.


    • Be on time, prepared, and ready to work at the beginning of each class
    • Always treat others with Respect
    • NO CELL PHONE USE…a single warning will be made, repeated offender will be issued classroom dentition and a phone call home. Continuous violations will be issued an office detention.
    • Cheating of any kind will result in a zero, a referral to the office and a phone call home
    • All dentition obligations will be served during assigned morning hours (i.e. prior to the beginning / opening of school). Assigned by the Special Education Liaison.



    Students are responsible for obtaining and completing any missed work (i.e. Notes, classwork, homework, etc.) due to an absence in accordance with the guidelines in the Student/Parent Handbook.



    The ALC has a zero tolerance policy regarding tardiness. For students arriving late without a pass, please enter the room quietly and expect to make up the time during appointed office hours. In accordance with the Student/parent Handbook: “first, second, and third incidents of unexcused tardiness, the student will report to the teacher during appointed office hours. On the fourth and subsequent unexcused tardiness, student referred to the assistant principal for further disciplinary actions.


    Learning is a lifelong process and experiences

    Take Control of what you can Control