Music Theory

  • Music Theory Syllabus, Course Expectation, and Grading Outline

    Cohasset High School Music Theory


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    “If arts have a place in society, they must be a part of a community.

    To be an artist is not the privilege of a few, but the necessity of us all.”

    – Robert Shaw, American Conductor


    Course Description

    This course is offered to students interested in the fundamentals of musical construction. The course begins with the study of the principles of music theory (notation, rhythm, scales, intervals, chords, composition) and continues with the study of aural analysis of basic harmony, including ear training to enable the student to hear those aspects of music theory studied. Students will also become familiar with transposition, instrument ranges, and vocal ranges, and music technology software.



    Basic Materials in Music Theory, Harder and Steinke; Theory and Musicianship, Fischer; Harmony and Theory, Hal Leonard; Understanding Music, Yudkin; Sibelius software


    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this course, students will be able to

    • Identify and apply criteria for evaluating music (e.g., skill of performers, originality, emotional impact, variety, interest, technical accuracy).
    • Use appropriate terminology to analyze and evaluate the use of elements in a variety of musical compositions (rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, form, timbre, dynamics)
    • Describe and analyze how performing artists use materials, inventions, and technology in their works.


    Grading System

                    Quizzes (30%):

    Students will be given several quizzes throughout the course. Each of these quizzes will be a “check in” so that students are aware of items they need to work on and continue to develop.

                    In Class Work, Assignments, and Engagement (30%):

    Students will be given a grade each day during class. The grade will be based upon their engagement level, their ability to stay on task and complete the tasks that are given in tasks. Any assignment done in class will also be added to this section.

                    Final (40%):

    The final is a large exam with multiple choice section, true/false, fill in the blank, an analysis section, and a chord progression write in.


    This class is for students who are seriously interested in music, music fundamentals, and musical construction.

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