• Course Expectations

    Ms. Gordon’s Classroom Policies



    You will be responsible, respectful, and reasonable at all times.

    Device Use and Expectations:

    You are to come each day with a fully charged device to class to use for notetaking if you prefer and all online quizzes. If you chose to use your device for notetaking all documents are to be organized into folders by lesson for periodic check-ins. Any student who is off task with his/her device will be asked to complete the task using pencil and paper which can be later transferred to a digital document.


    Homework = 20%

    Quizzes (in class and online) = 30%

    Projects = 10%

    Tests = 40%

    Participation is an important aspect as the very nature of citizenship is being actively involved. Please be aware that extra credit is not offered as a means for grade improvement. Keeping track of your grades online will help you stay on top of your academic success.

    Homework Policy:

    Meeting the deadline is a must. Written paragraphs must be word-processed using Times New Roman point 12 font. Please do not use fancy fonts as they are difficult to read! Double space all formal writing assignments. All work is to be submitted as hardcopy, do not email your assignment or submit through google classroom unless specifically instructed. 

    Assignments and daily work schedule is posted on google classroom. If you are absent the lessons objective and focus questions are available so that you can use this information and the online text (my.hrw.com) to stay current.

    Homework is due the date it is assigned unless you are absent. See the Student Handbook for specific details. Remember it is your responsibility to contact the teacher when absent not the other way around. Late work is not accepted for credit.

    Extra Help: Monday 2:10 - 3:10

    I am available most mornings before school. Please be aware that if office hours are changed at any time, the posting will be on my door. I can always be reached by email (cgordon@cohassetk12.org) or phone 781.383.6100 x109

    Heading Format on all assignments:

    Student Name (First Last)

    Name of the teacher

    Class (period number of class)

    Date assignment is due

    This information belongs in the top left corner of the paper.

     Daily Supplies:

    • Fully charged device
    • Blue or black ink pen (all tests and quizzes are taken in ink)
    • Colored pencils (at least 12 colors)
    • Highlighters
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