School Bus

Bus Safety

  • Bus Stop Safety Reminders 

    • Arrive a minimum of ten minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
    • Stand off the roadway, away from traffic.
    • Do not run or play while waiting for the bus.
    • When the bus arrives, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the red lights flash.
    • Board the bus in an orderly manner- without pushing.
    • Never run to catch the bus.
    • When exiting the school bus, always walk straight away from the bus. Do not remain in the "danger zone" where the driver cannot see you.
    • Never reach under the bus to pick up dropped articles.
    • Never cross the roadway behind the bus.
    • If you must cross the highway to board the bus, remain on your side of the highway in a safe place away from traffic until the bus arrives. When the bus has stopped and the red lights flash, check both ways for traffic. When the traffic is stopped, cross the highway 10 steps in front of the bus. Check the traffic both ways before you cross the highway. When the traffic is stopped, quickly cross the highway under the protection of the flashing red lights of the school bus. 
    • Student Handbook - Transportation