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    Topic: Revised Elementary Progress Report
    Date: Dec 7, 2021

    The Elementary Progress Reports were recently revised to reflect the 2017 revision of the ELA and Math Massachusetts Frameworks as well as align from grade to grade.  The Elementary Progress Report is intended to show a student’s progress toward mastery of the expected grade level standards.  Some standards are the same or similar across grade levels, however the depth and expectation increases as the student moves up in grade level.    

    There are some additional revisions to the progress report that include additional indicators in specialist areas (Art, Music, Physical Education), the removal of comments related to Art, Music and Physical Education due to the increase in indicators, the addition of a section on Skills that Support Learning, and a revised performance rating system for standards and skills that support learning.

    Our teachers focus on student performance over multiple opportunities, not simply the grading and averaging of tests and quizzes.  Each trimester (grades 1-5) or semester (Kindergarten) students are provided opportunities to practice, attain and demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the Massachusetts State Frameworks.  Teachers collect evidence through observation, anecdotal notes, performance tasks, quizzes and tests.  Teachers use this information throughout the year to evaluate student progress, create instruction to support individual student learning, and determine mastery of grade level expectation of the standards.

    During the revision process teachers, reading and math specialists, building and district leadership discussed the Performance Indicators of the previous progress report and through careful review and reflection decided to replace numbers with letter symbols.  All grade levels have the same rating for consistency.  As opposed to report cards, standards-based progress reports are formative assessments. They represent a “moment in time” of student performance.  Teachers will continue to address concepts that may not have been mastered yet.  Below is the revised rating system.

    The revised Rating of Standards and Skills that Support Learning


    Meets and applies current grade-level objectives/skills with independence


    Making progress toward meeting and applying current grade-level objectives/skills with occasional support


    Beginning to meet and apply current grade-level objectives/skills with frequent support


    Does not yet meet and apply current grade-level objectives/skills and requires consistent support


    Objectives/skills have not yet been explicitly taught or are not being assessed during this marking period


    Standards-based progress reports are scored using increased expectations each term.  Therefore, if your child’s score remains the same from one term to the next, it means that he or she is growing and keeping pace with expectations.  If it goes down, it does not mean that he or she has regressed but that he or she has not kept the same pace relative to the expectations for that term.  For the first term certain standards will be marked N/A, though fewer as the year progresses.  This indicates that while students may have been introduced to these standards, they have not been addressed to a degree that allows for evaluation at this time.  Math will have more N/As the first term because we are following the Bridges Math program which builds upon itself throughout the year. 

    Please see the progress reports below.