CORI Checks & Fingerprinting

  • CORI

    In furtherance of the protection of our students and according to Cohasset Public Schools policy as well as compliance with Massachusetts General Laws; all employees, contractors, companies, volunteers, etc. must complete CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information)  checks through human resources before working, providing assistance and/or services in our schools. 

    CORI form

    To complete a CORI check, please visit the Administration Office at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled school visit.  You must have a photo ID available. The process should take approximately 5-10 minutes.

    Background checks are valid for three years from the date of approval. You only need to be checked once in Cohasset for all Cohasset school visits. Since different standards may apply in other locations, background checks conducted for other towns/school districts are not sufficient.

    Questions regarding this procedure can be directed to Jennifer Souretis, the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, at 781-383-6100 Ext.2305


    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in order to protect children, requires that school officials obtain criminal background information to determine the suitability of current and prospective employees.  This information is obtained through two sources:  the CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) system, which stores information on Massachusetts criminal history; and the SAFIS (Statewide Applicant Fingerprint Identification Services) program, which conducts fingerprint-based background checks through the FBI’s national criminal history database. 

    As a prospective employee of the Cohasset Public Schools, you will be asked to consent to a CORI check, which will be repeated every three years. In addition, you will be required to make arrangements to have your fingerprints taken for SAFIS and the results provided to the Superintendent of Schools in Cohasset.  Attached to this letter is information about how to make an appointment for fingerprinting through IdentoGo.  The cost for fingerprinting is $55 for school employees licensed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (e.g. teachers and administrators) and $35 for all others (e.g. administrative assistants, paraprofessionals, custodians, bus drivers, food service workers). 

    Fingerprinting Instructions

    If you have been fingerprinted with another school district, that district can send us a Letter of Suitability per your request.  Cohasset Public Schools may rely on a favorable suitability determination if the following criteria are met:

    1. The letter of suitability is from a Pre-K-12th Grade Education (ESE) school district
    2. The suitability determination was made within the last seven years; and
    3. You have not resided outside Massachusetts for any period longer than three years since the suitability determination was made; and either
    4. You have been employed continuously for one or more school employers or have gaps totaling no more than two years in your employment for school employers; or
    5. If you work as a substitute employee, you are still deemed suitable for employment by the school employer who made a favorable suitability determination.

    Your employment is conditioned upon a determination by the Superintendent of Schools that based on the results of your criminal background history checks, you are suitable for employment in the Cohasset Public Schools.  Results of your state and national criminal history background checks could lead to termination of employment.