K-1 Bus Drop-off Procedures

  • The following procedures are in effect for Kindergarten and First Grade bus riders. 

    • All kindergarten and first grade students must be met by a parent or guardian when the bus arrives at their bus stop. If a parent or guardian is not at the bus stop, the driver will also radio the dispatcher and keep the child on the bus.

    • The dispatcher shall note the child’s name and assign the bus stop and direct the bus driver to proceed on the route.  The dispatcher will call the school and Transportation Office immediately. 

    • After the last bus stop on the bus route, the driver will return to the bus stop to see if the parent has arrived.  If the parent is still not there, the driver will radio the dispatcher and then proceed to take the student back to school.  The dispatcher shall call the school and transportation office so that someone can meet the bus and student.

    • Students in kindergarten and first grade should display a tag on their back pack indicating their name, grade and assigned bus stop to assist the driver in the event there is no one at the bus stop to meet the student