"Carnival Game Challenge"

Carnival Game Challenge 2020

  • This week's challenge can be done inside or outside. Just make sure you have a safe area to play your game.


    1.  Find items around the house or in the yard that you can use.

           2.  Create a throwing game (that uses the underhand or overhand throws).

           3. Practice your game to see how it works.

           4. Draw a map of how your game looks (demonstrated in my Carnival Game Video)

           5. Could write a list or directions of how to play your game (also demonstrated in my Carnival Game Video).

           6. Teach your game to a family member and have some fun!

           7. And please don’t forget to clean up your game and put everything back when you're done!

    Please check out my Carnival Game Video by clicking on the Link: Carnival Game Challenge

    Also, please send me any photos or videos of your game.You could even include a picture of a map that you create, or a picture of a list/ directions on how your game is played. Send them to: kdykas@cohassetk12.org