Kindergarten April 6 - 10

  • Please complete three of the activities below. 


    Listen and Move Freeze Dance

    Lead your family in a game of “Listen and Move Freeze Dance.” This video will provide musical cues for a variety of locomotor movement. See if you can remember what the sounds “tell” you to do! 


     “The Listening Walk”

    Listen and read along with the “Listening Walk” book, then go on your very own listening walk around your home or yard. What did you hear during your listening walk?



    "Johnny Works With One Hammer"

    We have been singing this song in class. Show your parents the movements to all of the verses. Make sure you have enough self space!



    Sing to a stuffed bear. 



    Sing a song under the stars! 



    I would love to see a photo or video of your performance!