• Cohasset Public Schools Lice Statement


    The Cohasset Public Schools Health Office recognizes that head lice (Pediculosis) infestation is a common public occurrence in the United States among children three to twelve years of age. While head lice are a public nuissance and concern, they pose no medical threat to students.

    We ask parents of a students found to have live lice or nits in their hair to call their pediatrician for recommended treatment and to treat the child.

    •Parents or guardians are asked to bring the child into the Health office prior to the start of the next school day to clear the child to return to the classroom.

    •If live lice or more than 5 nits (closer that 1/4" to the scalp) are found, parents are asked to take the child home for further treatment.

    •Removal of nits 1/4" from scalp is recommended based on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) findings that none of the pediculicides, i.e Nix, are 100% effective, so manual removal of nits, especially ones withing 1cm of the scalp is necessary for successful treatment.


    Regular routine screening for lice and nits is not done as it has not been proven to have a significant effect on the incidence of head lice in the school community. If a classroom has a "cluster outbreak" (two or three children in the classroom), parents/guardians will be notified to check their children at home. Parents will be notified when a single case of lice is found, at the discretion of the school nurse. Maintaining student confidentiality is always a priority.

    The best way to prevent the spread of lice in the schools is early detection and treatment at home.

    There are also lice treatment providers who can assist with at home or in house removal. Please contact the Health Office for referrals.

    For more information, please see the following fact sheet from the Massachusetts Dept of Health:

    Head lice fact sheet