• Curriculum and Assessment


    Common Core    Common Core State Standards

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a set of standards developed primarily for English Language Arts and Mathematics.  It also includes standards for Social Studies and Writing Across All Content.  MCAS and the PARCC Assessment tools are based on these standards. 

    All content area instruction is based on either the CCSS or the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for that subject area.   Content Curriculum Frameworks

     Atlas Curriculum Mapping

    The district documents its curriculum using the Atlas Mapping Program.  This is an initiative begun in FY13 and continues to document units of instruction in all grades.  The curriculum map is based on the Understanding by Design template (also called Backward Design for Learning). Using Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Knowledge and Skills Alignment with CCSS, Intervention Strategies, and Use of Technology for Instruction, curriculum created meets the most current standards for learning and the more current instructional strategies to meet the needs of every student. An introductory video can be accessed at this link:  Atlas Rubicon Curriculum Mapping 




    Science Professional Development Work: This year we are looking at continuing our science curricula district-wide with an emphasis on our PK - 5 Plan. We are working closely with Professor Jennifer Love from Northeastern University to unpack the Next Generation Science Standards and to continue our work to create meaningful curricula that meets those standards. We are excited for the work that is already underway!


    assessment     ASSESSMENT

    District Assessments

    The district conducts two different types of assessments.  Formative assessments guide instruction by giving us a glimp of the student's level of understanding of specific information. These include such assessments as DIBELS, GRADE, QRI, WrAP, and Galileo.  Summative assessments give us the mastery of learning at various points in the learning and instructional continium.  These include MCAS/PARCC, Stanford10/OLSTAT, and for some students SAT and AP assessments.  The district maintains a calendar of these assessments keeping instructional time optimum.




    State Mandated Assessment/MCAS 

    The state mandated MCAS assessments were conducted last spring.  The results of these assessments and an explanation of the transition to the Next Generation MCAS are detailed in the presentation to school committee, which can be found on this page. The district will thoroughly review and analyze the results of these assessments and utilize the data compiled to further expand and refine instruction in district classrooms. MCAS Results 2018 Presentation

     Here is a link to the District MCAS Report Card for 2017-2018 Cohasset's MCAS Report Card 2017-2018
    Advanced Placement: Cohasset Public Schools has a rigorous and successful Advanced Placement Program. We have an open-enrollment philosophy, and we are proud of our approach and results. Here is an overview of last year's results...