Instructional Technology Curriculum

  • Instructional Technology Curriculum Summary, K-5 JOS & DHS

    The instructional technology curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards (DLCS), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and Common Core standards in relation to technology.

    Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade have computer class once a week for a 45 minute period. The technology program includes a keyboarding component that is consistently reinforced from K-5. Computer basics and skills are practiced and applied through units, lessons, presentations and projects. These skills include word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, internet research, copyright, digital art, internet safety, digital citizenship, computer coding and online testing skills. Cohasset is a Google Apps for Education school using G Suite.

    Google tools, such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawing, and Google Classroom are introduced throughout grades 3-5. Students learn to touch-type and practice correct finger-key connections each week through a series of lessons in an online program called Keyboarding without Tears

    Students use chromebooks both in the classroom and during computer class. 

    For questions regarding the instructional technology program, please email You can visit the INST Specialist, K-5 page here.