recycled pARTS - Wednesday March 15 2017

  • Please come visit our collaborative recycled art pieces on display at Cohasset High School Wednesday March 15th at 7PM! 

    Each grade worked collaboratively with inspiration from artists, projects and our found objects to create recycled art. 

    Kindergarten - Inspired by a Reggio Emilia project in Italy we set our for found objects around the school that were left overs or not being used any more. Anything from buttons, feathers, scrap paper and fabrics were collected. We then worked together to fill pockets of recycled bubble wrap to create a wonderful collage of our gather materials. 

    First Grade - Inspired by Virginia Fleck's beautiful mandals made completely out of recycled plastic bags - we desided to do our part in recycling just as she does. Working indidivually to cut out a multitude of shapes from many different style and colored plastic bags. We then came together in teams to see how overlaping specific colors or shapes can create imagery. Once the team had decided on their final pieces an adult volunteer used wax paper and ironing method to adhere all pieces together. 

    Second Grade - Inspiring by beautiful work of mandalas from around the world we wanted to practice some color mixing to achieve vibrant and create colors that we had seen. Color mixing done directly on donated, recycled CDs - the shiny side, we were able to each create a new color. Talking about analogous colors, colors right next to each other on the color wheel and using only those three colors as not to create a mud color we got to painting. While paint was drying we worked on drawing mandala patterns or radial designs on paper - most important what ever you draw in one slice of the pie you must do in all four slices. lastly we used a scratch art method to scratch our designs right into our paint revealing the shine of our CD around our beautiful color.