•  new students


    New students must have the following in accordance with MA Dept. of Public Health regulations prior to entrance:

    •Written documentation of a valid physical exam within one year prior to entrance to school or within 30 days after school entry and at intervals of either three or four years thereafter. Health records transferred from the student’s previous school may be used to determine compliance with this requirement.

    •Written documentation of required immunizations.

    (this regulation shall not apply upon presentation of written documents that the student meets the standards for medical or religious exemption)


    No student may enter school until these requirements are met. Please call or check in with the school  nurse if you have any questions. For current immunization requirements, see the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website at http://www.mass.gov


    Students with Special Medical Conditions:

    Please contact the school nurse as soon as possible if your child has a special medical condition. This may include the following: diabetes, seizures, or a severe life-threatening allergy. In order to create a safe environment for your child, the nurse will meet with you and make an individual health plan for your child if needed. This written health plan will include input from the parent, the nurse, and the child's physician. This plan will be put in place to make others in the school aware of your child's medical condition and how to respond to it.