Because of the life-threatening nature of food allergies and the increasing prevalence of food allergies in our schools, we must be aware of what foods children are eating in the classroom and do everything possible to eliminate exposure to life threatening allergens.  It is because of this that the school district asks that all classrooms be peanut/nut free.  Student snacks must be peanut/nut free.  Snacks in designated peanut/nut free rooms will be checked by the school nurse.


    • Snacks should be sent to school in the original package when possible.  If not possible, snacks should be placed in a container and labeled by an adult, with the name of the snack and that it is nut free.  This label will tell us that you have read the packaging label and verify it is peanut/nut free and was not made in a factory that processes peanut/nut goods. We will operate on a system of good faith that you have checked the snack ingredients and are certain it meets the standards of the Osgood School. 


    • Homemade snacks, while they are a wonderful treat, cannot be allowed in the classroom for snack.  There is the chance of cross-contamination from being mixed or made in a bowl/container that has held peanuts/nut or their oil.  They are allowed in the lunchroom as long as your child is not at a peanut free table.


    • Snacks in designated peanut free classes that are not labeled, either by the parent or by the manufacturer, will be replaced by a school provided snack (usually oyster crackers). The removed snack will be given back to the student to be enjoyed either at lunch time or later in the day at home. 


    • Lunch is eaten in the cafeteria, your child may bring peanut products for lunch, but they should be kept in their lunchbox until they are sitting in the lunchroom.  In the cafeteria, there will be a designated peanut-free table area.  Classmates who don’t bring peanut products for lunch will have the opportunity to sit at this peanut free area.


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