Yearbook 2021 Parent Ad Information


      The Deadline is: January 22, 2021

    Parent Ads can be purchased on ybpay.com     



       Order your 2021 TESSAHOC Yearbook

    Yearbooks can be purchased on ybpay.com 

    through April, 2021 until 12:01AM


    1. Order online at YBPay.com.

    2. You’ll receive an email invitation to create your ad by uploading your photos and text.

    3. Using the link provided, choose your template and create your ad.  

    4. Once you approve your ad, you’ll receive a confirmation email.  If you don’t receive a confirmation, you still need to finalize and approve your ad.  (Ads are not considered finalized until email confirmation is received.)


     Full Page Ads:  $250.00    Up to 5 photos and 150 words 

     Half Page Ads:   $150.00  Up to 3 photos and 80 words

     Quarter Page Ads: $85.00   Up to 3 photos and 40 words

     Eighth Page Ads:    $50.00   Up to 3 photo and 20 words