• Senior Grid Template

    Directions on how to complete your Yearbook Senior Portrait Information

    Print or type one character into each space neatly. NOTE: A character can be a letter, a space between words, or a punctuation mark. Count every space as a character.


    Line 1: Write your name as you would like it to appear next to your senior picture in the yearbook. Many people use their full name (first, middle and last).


    Line 2: Write in any nicknames you would like to appear underneath your name. Separate each name with a comma, and do not use more than one line. This means choose your favorite nickname so it fits just on one line.


    Line 3: Skip this line


    Line 4: If you are including a quote, write it here. Include the name and/or source of the quote


    Line 5-17: Complete your write-up with some or all of the following headings: Usually Seen With, Remembers Most, Parting Thoughts and Ambition


    Senior Portrait Write Up Grid Template

    Senior Write Up Grid Template


    Senior Portrait Write Up Grid Template Example

    Senior Write Up Grid Template Example