• Strategic Planning Process Our strategic plan will consider the current state of Cohasset Public Schools. We will begin by reviewing of our vision statement, our most recent strategic plan, and our current school improvement plans. Our educational leadership team will then develop overarching strategic goals using input from our critical stakeholders while considering trends in global, national and local education. From those goals the necessary resources required will be identified, and action plans will be developed that outline more specific actions, timelines and accountable parties.

    Our general timeline is as follows:

    September 2015   

    • Assemble a Strategic Planning Steering Committee
    • Agree a strategic planning process and detailed timeline

     October 2015 - December 2015

    • Assess the present state of CPS through internal and external scans
    • Gather input from critical stakeholders (parents, students, faculty and staff, community members) 

    January 2016 - April 2016

    • Determine the overarching goals
    • Draft action steps required to meet the proposed goals
    • Identify resources required to accomplish the goals

    May 2016

    • Present the draft plan at public hearing

    June 2016

    • Finalize and publish the plan