Tier II Supports

  • Tier II interventions are designed to assist students who have not succeeded within the confines of the universally accessible structures provided within the classroom (Tier I). Supplementary, often small group interventions are implemented by teachers, administrators, or other school resources (10-15% of students) both within and outside of the classroom setting, depending on the circumstances. Tier II supplementary interventions might include the following:

    Any Tier I Intervention that is performed for a subset of the class.

    Cooperative Group Interventions – Small groups within the classroom setting that are developed to target the development of a specific skill or concept

    Greater Opportunities for Concept/Skill Reinforcement and Practice

    Directed Tutoring – While all teachers are available for extra help after school, in many disciplines students can sign up for office appointments either individually or in small groups. Other teachers offer to meet with students during lunch.  

    Peer Tutoring – May be set up in certain cases through guidance

    Behavior Modification Plans – May be developed through guidance

    Social Growth Opportunities – Encourage personal connections through after school activities